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at ruckston road. allow yourself extra time and use caution. the roads are pretty slick. that's a look at the morning travels. megan, back to you. >>> a state correction officer is fatally shot and this morning the search is on for her killer. erica car was shot several times. police found her in the seat of a ford explorer in the ken hill avenue. she was rushed to john hopkins hospital where she was pronounced dead. carr was shot in the arm, head and neck. >> reporter: officers were called to the area for shots fired. they did a canvas and this car was -- miss carr was found in a vehicle unresponsive in a ford explorer. >>> they have no reason for the shooting. >>> pastor st. george craw said that someone sprayed graffiti and tried to break into the overcomers tabernacle church. some think that the crime is linked to a funeral to be had today. the pastor thinks that someone responsible is trying to send a message. >> there would be certain people that are coming to the funeral, who they want to say, look, we don't only know where the funeral is being held, but we have come in and des
the damage that many of you are still cleaning up this morning. megan gillan joins us now with the late east. >> good morning megan. >> good morning patrice. seems everyone got wet yesterday but not everyone is dealing with this today. take a look at what folks in cecil county are waking up to this morning. the clean up started late laugh night after the storm ripped through this neighborhood still has down power lines and broken branchesz covering the streets there. trees were uprooted and thrown around leaving some homeless. this owner says the owner in this place is in their 70's and were forced to move into i a hotel for a while. major structural damage. the tree limbs went through the house. all the roof rafters and shingles, neferg there is wiped out. it will be condemned. >> all morning long we've been getting photos from you in the storm damage in your neighborhoods. take a look at some that scott elton took. see what the strong winds were able to do. we o got pictures in from john and ellen gillan. they captured pictures from the bay. severe weather and they have a lot to clean you.
to tell us know about the tropical storm danny. >>> yes, danny. as it moves up along the eastern shore -- not the eastern shore but near the eastern seaboard, north carolina it could be a hurricane, and tailing off to the north and east, but it could bring heavy rain for the weekend. >> oh, jeez. >> umbrellas. >> yes, absolutely. >> before we get there, tonight, the rides at the state fair, maybe some light showers and thunderstorms around. >> oh, no. >> spotty, so we hope not not to see that. before you get on those rides, you're maybe taking a bus to school. 70 degrees, partly cloudy skies, that is the way it is heading out this morning. 76 degrees downtown looking at the temperatures in the mid-60s throughout the area. sky watch radar indicating showers through pennsylvania for now. later in the day there could be a couple of isolated chances for showers and even a thunderstorm. we don't expect anything that strong. as we put things into motion in the future scan model, a better chance for showers for thunderstorms comes tomorrow as we get the influence of the thunderstorms, the fro
. meteorologist steve fertig is here to tell united state us hos and if it's going to last throughout the week. >> good morning, patrice. it's going to last through the day. although it will warm into the 70s this afternoon. it's a cool start and it will be a cool couple days before we see a warm up before the weekend. we will look forward to 80s then. today 75. at the bus stop, here is where we start. 63 degrees, there are locations to the north that are starting in the upper 50s. as patrice said it, a chilly start and you might want the light jacket. mostly cloudy skies. and we should some sunshine mixed in during the day. you will see the 50s up in pittsburgh and in general, 57 in harrisburg, and more 50s as you go further points toward buffalo. it's going to be a chilly start for everybody in the mid-atlantic and the northeast and you see showers to the south, staying to the south and high pressure staying to the north. it fights off the shower activity to the north. if you're in the north, expect showers, and then they will taper off by afternoon and we will look forward to clear or clear
passing day. he is a catergory ii hurricane now. >> but he is going to leave us alone, right? >> that remains to be seen. by the end of the week is when he would have an influence on the eastern seaboard, but there's a chance he may curl out to sea. you may be correct, but we may have to watch it closely. around here it's mainly the hot temperatures we are having to deal with. right now it's 76 degrees in baltimore and the surrounding areas also in the 70s. will you see showers trying to make their way into the west, a few of them have made their way into garrett county. 20% chance for later in the afternoon, especially. let's time it out here in the future scan model, you will see the shower chances increasing through the later part of the day. it looks like it's throughout the region indicated by all of that green, but it's going to be more of an isolated incident around 5 to 10:00 p.m. and closer to 10:00 p.m., and eastern shore maybe until 10:00 p.m. we're going to see repeated or some definite distinct chances throughout the area at different times through the day. they
builds in today. it brings us a pretty day. that will be the way for the remained main defer the day. wait 'til tomorrow. big changes on the way. the heat and humidity starts to clievment chance of thunderstorms comes your way and what you see now will be a different picture as thunderstorms move into the forecast then and temperatures by sunday and into monday climbing well into the mid 90's. more on that coming up in a few minutes. right now candice haze look at what's happening on the roadways with traffic edge. >> thank you steve. good morning. as you're traveling out on the main line, so far we're in the green and loving that for friday morning. starting on south 95 from mountain road heading to 69 5 , right now a ten minute commute. and good news on # five through the city. we just cleared out an accident on the southbound laindz lanes on o could be nel street. right noi now a five minute commute and approaching the downtown region on the southbound side of the jxf on 69 5 , so far a 15 minute right ride there. keep in mind though we still have dealing with the broken water mai
steve fertig and see how our day will be shaping for us this wednesday morning and how the weather will fair. it's wednesday already. >>> for some people it's back to school. pg county, as well as carroll county, they're into school. you know what i have a. >> what? >> a bus stop forecast. see if that wasn't enthusistic. and it shouldn't be. i know you want more summer. 74 degrees for current temperature. heading to the bus stop will be a comfortable ride into school with mainly clear skies out there. southwest winds at 5 miles per hour. it could be worse, you could be going to school at buffalo in which case you it would be 65 degrees, actually that is not so bad, either, but still cooler. dry conditions looking pretty good today. you are watching a chance of showers, maybe even thunderstorms moving in for later tomorrow, but just an isolated chance, the better chance comes friday, saturday, and sunday when you know it for the weekend. we talk about possibly danny moving up the coast as well. we will get you the fair day forecast if you're headed there tomorrow. right now candace
hall road and miller road. as a result you will want to use 95 instead. it's getting busy but so far in significant issues to talk about. on the southbound lanes from mountain road heading toward 695, right now we're only looking at an 11 minute clip. 95 through the city at the fort mchenry tunnel. we are in excellent shape. if you're going to approach the downtown region from 695 it's going to take 15 minutes. we have the broken watermain that completely shuts down saratoga street between green street, and martin luther boulevard. that's a look at the morning commute. back to you. >>> baltimore raven tony fein says he is innocent. the rookie linebacker was arrested sunday for assaulting a police officer after someone thought they saw him pass a handgun at a restaurant at the inner harbor. now some say he was racially profiled. megan gilliland joins us with the latest. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrice, fein's attorney says that his client was targeted by police because he is black and because of the hoody was wearing now fein speaks out for himself. the large
at the rockies restaurant at the inner harbor. megan gilliland joins us with the very latest. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. tony fein was having dinner when security thought he was passing a gun to his friends under the table. they thought it was a handgun, but it turns out it was a cell phone. inside the inner harbor johnny rockets, sunday evening, security officials spotted what they thought was a gun being passed around one of the dinner tables. they called police for backup. they asked the subjects to stand up, one of the subjects resisted police and became belligerent. the sergeant approached him and asked him to stand up again. he resisted stood up and pushed the officer on the chest. the officer fell down. >> reporter: injuring his elbow. the man has been identified as anthony fein. once he was apprehended, police were able to determine that what security thought was a gun was just a cell phone. >> they had to do what they had to do call police for backup. >> everybody is watching everything right now. >> reporter: ravens fans just learning of the news, say t
accused of shooting a 5-year-old girl. megan gilliland joins us with the latest. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. the attorney for lamont davis, says the video you're about to see, proves that his client is innocent. it proves that his client is not the one who shot a 5-year-old girl. lamont davis faces first degree newer defirst-degreefirst degre. but davis who had been arrested 15 times before says he is innocent and his attorney says he has the evidence to prove it. the department of juvenile service, says quote, we placed him on gps, the highest sanction the department has and we were monitoring him in realtime. attorney lynwood says it is that gps system that will help him prove his case. this video shows a man walk along pulaski street and opening fire. you see the crowd of people hovering a young child, but the video shows a shooter who is not wearing one of these gps units. one part is worn and the other monitors movement. the defense says that this shooter is only wearing socks. the shooting happened on july second, but it wasn't until july 16th that
you know it's bad when football players used to playing in the heat. when it gets them, it's bad. >> all of that 25 to 30 pounds of equipment on them. >> yeah. >> everybody should take it easy. who has respiratory problems. you know the drill. we will get through a couple of more days, patrice mentioned, it we will be seeing cooler drier air, not tomorrow, not -- not tood, not tomorrow, but on sunday. the system has had a history of nasty storms with, when it gets here by later on this afternoon, the leading edge edge of it will be thunderstorm activity and still the humidity builds up tomorrow. as you can see the temperatures flirting with 80-degree mark, at oakland the exception, 68 as cooler air has started to filter in there. we have one or two more days of the triple hhhs, that is right, 85, and 89 by lunchtime and topping out in the 90 degrees. could heavy scattered thunderstorms especially after 5 or 6:00 tonight. we will update you on hurricane bill and the impact he might have here at home. what do you say we check in right now on friday morning whether folks are taking
provided by u.s. captioning company. next on fox 45 morning news. >> any one that would hurt an innocent child, there's a special place in hell for them i couple accused of child porn and abuse. what helped catch the couple. and the scramble for cash for clunkers, why many say it's the nose effective economic stim you las to date. >> and stopping viruses, find out how to keep your computer safe for free. >>> good morning. it's tuesday, august 4, i'm patrice harris. yesterday turned out to be a hot die. no rain like we had in the days before that, but is today going to be more of that same hot weather? meteorologist steve is here to fill us in on the weather. >> it got warm yesterday. >> yes, 90 degrees. and it will get a degree or so warmer than that into the low 90's today for most. still month rain? still no rain. mostly sunny sky and humidity. not as humid but when we get up to the 90's we'll feel the humidity. take a look at the sky watch hd radar. not a whole lot. showers midwest heading our direction. they will probably stay farther so the south. in addition high pressu
camp. >> the training camp, anything that gets us into football. >> it's nothing like footed ball season exciting time. what we are expecting showers. it will be comfortable temperature wise, we will get to that in a bit. it's a chance of a scattered shower. 71 for the temperature. it's a mild start but it won't climb a whole lot because we have a lot more cloud cover. thunderstorm that moved through moves north and east toward new england. we're looking at a temperature of 78 degrees after the 70-degree start for noon and 78 at 6:00 p.m. after getting to a high temperature of 82 degrees. we do have to tell you that there could be heavier rain for the northern part of the eastern shore, from cecil county through carlincaroline county. now let's check on the traffic with the candace dold. >> reporter: thank you, steve, and good morning. if you're heading out and hitting the roadways on this thursday morning, we do need to talk about a new accident on route 100, at route 100 at 29. as a result you will want to stick with route 32. traveling along knife right at 32 here it is on the
into the weekend. will we like our weekend weather? meteorologist steve fertig is here to fill us in on those details. good morning, receive. >> good morning, i tell you what, as long as you can deal with the humidity, patrice, you should like the weekend weather. >> i will plan to have a big afro. >> heat and humidity is what is on the way and a big afro, too. let's see what is happening out there, maybe not to me. 73 degrees is where we start today. it's a mild start once again. humidity will be on the increase through the day. you can see the showers moving to the south of us, staying pretty much there. that is where it will be focused southeast because the stationary boundary that lies out there. it will be warming up. 85 by the noon hour. we should get to a high temperature of 85 or 86, about 2 or 3:00 and 81 degrees at 6:00 p.m. you see a shower or thunderstorm indicated at 6:00 p.m. we are lookth the a chance of a shower or thunderstorm, probably more mid afternoon if there's a chance at all. other than that, we're looking at a fog advisory to the north. an advisory even in our state w
's a warm start and a hot finish. as you can see, sky iradar showing a couple showers to the west of us but overnight we had showers and thunderstorms that moved through. you will hear from candace in a moment. she will tell you about down trees that may be causing delays on the roads. 89 degrees at 6:00 p.m. with a chance of a thunderstorm, certainly that could come your way for the afternoon and evening, that could on one hand be strong and someplaces may be a passing shower. 77 degrees the starting temperature, it's only going to get hotter from here. let's see about the roadways, here is wan das dold wit candac. >> reporter: thanks, steve. we do have fallen trees as a result of the storm last night at gray stone road. be careful if you're traveling in the area. you will definitely find debris on the roadways. as far as the main lines we have trouble on 295. there's an accident a car actually went off the road and is now into the woods. it's on the southbound lanes right between route 32 and route 175. here is 2 knif 295 right at 695u can see there's a good crowd gathering on the so
and outer loop lanes. if you're using the jfx to get into the city, you're going to be in the clear, you will be in the green. it will only take you 11 minutes to get from 695 to east fayette street and things will continue to be in good shape as you make your way from the beltway from the jfx to 70, you're looking at a 12-minute trip. once you are on the beltway, from 70, to 295, you're looking at a quick 6 minutes. patrice, let's send it back to you. >>> lauren, thank you, 6:01 on baltimore morning news. >>> new violence on the baltimore inner harbor. there's new concerns after two men were shot inside of a restaurant before hundreds of tourists. joel d smith is live from the inner harbor including what the mayor has to say about it. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. violence in the harbor will not be tolerated is what the mayor says. , though we don't know what that means. the two men will recover, the question is will perception recover after what has been a violent year so far. >> we were going to hooters to get some burgers, of course, they shut it all down. >> reporter: saturd
is facing charges of perjury, theft and fraud. megan joins us on what we could learn today. good morning megan. good morning patrice. the attorneys will go over all the charges as far as prosecution is concern. the exboyfriend is giving them information to work with. but it will be very interesting to see where the defense is heading today and how they plan to fight a conviction yet again. >> while mare or sheila dick on has had little to sigh since her reindictment, the city is talking. >> if they got even more evidence, to create a 2nd indictment, there has to be something there ievment don't like to see her have to go through this. i actually like her i think she's doolg a good job and it's unfortunate. mayor kick dixon is facing serious charges again. they say she stole gift cards to buy video games. some were found inside her house. she is a of accepting expensive gifts and thousands of dollars from p boyfriend when she was city president. she avoid bribe ri charges in a separate corruption case involving council woman helen holeton. >> something like that, i'm not saying it's guilt
'm patrice harris. meteorologist testif steve fer s here to fill us in you on how to the it's going to be. if yesterday was any indication. >> today we're expecting to get to 98 degrees and the humidity will feel 10 100 and 105. the temperatures are at 80 degrees in baltimore at this hour. we are headed to 82 by the noon hour. the sky watch radar shows that the showers and thunderstorms stay well up to the north and pennsylvania. they could sneak our way later in the afternoon because of the heat and humidity that the instability that that will produce. 77 degrees starting and mostly clear skies at noon, 92. 94 degrees at 6:00 p.m., you will notice that we will have a thunderstorm indicated on the map there. we have a heat advisory from 12 noon until 10:00 p.m. for the central counties, eastern shore until 8:00 p.m. if you are headed up to philadelphia even worse because of heat warnings up their way. let's see what is happening with the traffic with candace dold. candace. >> reporter: thank you, steve. and good morning, if you're headed out on the main lines so much to complain about. t
will fill us in on all of that good morning. i'm patrice harris. let's get to steve right now and see what we can expect as people are heading out this morning. >> good morning. >> good morning to you. we've got the rain moving through parts the area right now and it will taper off from the northwest to the southeast as the front pushes through. morning showers in central counties and also in the eastern shore. that's the area we expect the best chance stifl thunder as we move through this morning and into the afternoon. showers should dissipate flairt day as the front pushes out. all the moisture from the southwest moving up to the northeast n. that direction at least from the carolinas and then into our region. that's what's going to happen this morning. showers pushing through and then we'll see clearing later in the day. 73 degrees for the starting temperature and it won't get a whole lot warmer from here. we'll only see temperatures warm up into the mid to upper 70's. maybe low 80's in a couple of the eastern shore areas. generally around 79 for the high today. you can seat showers ag
about the environment. the irvine center is holding a puppet show and rachael is there to tell us about this morning' hometown hot spot. >>> good morning, rachael. >>> it's a lost fun because the kids enjoy it and while they're having a lot of fun, we stick in the messages about the plants and the animals in the area so it's great. >> what age group are we talking about? >> it can be all ages. we start with younger kids as young as toddlers and go up to lelem men temporary elementary . >> can you show us. >> we are getting ready to start one of our shows. puppets are you ready to get started. >>> it's a beautiful day and i'm going to sit the nice flowers and get nectar from. where can i find lots of flowers, boys and girls? can i go to the garden. >> yes. >> all right. i go to the garden. the queen bee of the hive told me to look for a purple flower, but i'm not very good with my flowers. do you think you can help me find a purple one today? all right, great. this looks like a flower. it looks like a great place to stop and drink. i'm not sure what color this is? boys and girls, what co
and the chance of some storms for us. i will have all of that coming up in just a few minutes. first we will check in with candace to see how the roads are had morning. candace. >> reporter: thank you, jessica and good morning. if you are traveling out there this morning, you will find some fog throughout the region. just be aware that could be an extra threat to your commute. we have wires to talk at harper road at long green pike. in fact that, shuts down the intersection. as a result you will want to stick with glen arm road instead. as for the main lines, we just cleared out an accident on the inner loop lanes of 695. it was right at harper road. those cars are getting by just fine through all the lanes. on 95 not too much to complain about, from mountain road heading down from 695, we're still in the green with a 10-minute commute. 95 through the city in the fort mchen retunnel, that will only take 5 minutes. if you're going to approach the downtown region on the southbound of the jfx, we're in excellent shape. that will be a 15-minute ride. that's a look at the morning commute. p
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